Translucent Stones

The thinness of Sorccia Stone panels in makes it ideal for your backlighting projects.

Limited Editions

We carry new arrivals in limited quantities so if you see any onyx or marble you like, let us know.


The hospitality industry is competitive and always changing. Being hip and modern is a must these days and operators are constantly looking for ways to stand out. With stone slabs and panels from Sorccia you can.

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In commercial projects elements of function, design and maintenance must be addressed. Sorccia Stone Panels are functional, even as flooring. Let your imagination go wild and create an office or lobby space that customers will remember!

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Historically, stone slabs were difficult in residential projects due to the weight and labor needed to install such heavy slabs. With Sorccia Stone, you can have walls of stone or stone floors with no need for grout on any level of your home.

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The goal of any designer or builder in the healthcare industry should be to provide a facility that is comfortable and equally soothing for patients, staff, and owners alike. Beautiful onyx or marble stone slabs from our location can create the environment you're looking for.

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